List of Sensual Second Life Images

Best 60 Sensual Second Life Images

This is the list for the best inworld snapshots. The top sensual Second Life images. An example of what residents can do inworld with resources and imagination and (let’s admit) with a perv mind too 😈

I will add different categories to enlighten what makes the photo appealing and interesting. You might agree or disagree, but this is my selection and I hope you like it and comment it.

Sensual Second Life Images: Vulnerability

In my opinion these pictures express emotions successfully and communicate a sense of vulnerability the same way real pictures can do.

Cry Baby 😭

That position of the legs has always turned me on and the facial expression helps to create a mixed sense of desire and sadness.

Maybe someday...

What I like about this picture is the feeling that something went wrong for the girl on the image. She communicates a tiny sense of deception while she is trying to figure out what to do with her problem. While feeling vulnerable and pensive, she wants to solve her problem or trying to accept that there is nothing she can do about it.

*Never ever apologize for being sensitive or emotional. Showing your emotions is a sign of strength*❤

This is similar to the first image, but older picture. The picture has a problem to communicate properly. She looks like a rich woman with problems and it’s complicated for us, poor people, to feel compassion for the wealthy. If you can overcome that feeling, the whole thing is sensual: a rich woman in pain feeling vulnerable for something we don’t know.

♥ Intent

Maybe the word that best describes the avatar is beaten or depressed and not vulnerable. However, there is something appealing in the concept. Darkness offers a mysterious ambient, although light is not very well achieved. In general, I like this picture because it would turn me on comforting the girl.

Sensual Second Life Images: Masters of Black & White

The following snapshots have been probably photoshoped to achieve the appearance, however, they outcome is realistic. Most of the shadows are so intense that can deliver a message to the eye of the beholder.

Special Kisses...

The eroticism of this image is obvious. It’s important what we can’t see and, at the same time, the spread legs are a symbol of surrender and enjoyment. This is a winner for sensual Second Life images.

Silver Lining.

I like the legs in this image and how the girl closes the thighs while the guy tries to put the elbow in the middle. The girls has already surrendered and there is some sensual feeling about her resistance that turns me on.

the air that breathes in me

I like how real this image looks. The breasts don’t look perfect as they should look, because she is bending a bit. The hair should be in mess to look even more real, but the outcome is sensual. The mirror effect is also erotic.


Another portrait that plays with dark and light showing what the artist wants people to focus on. It could be less blurry, but the mystery is there.


Very erotic control of light and clothing. The level of detail helps to increase the sexual tension of the image: the navel, the breasts and the cigarette .. nothing else to say. A favorite for my collection of Sensual Second Life Images.

Sensual Second Life Images: BDSM

What I like a bout BDSM is the strength of the people involved and interested in this fetishism. Taking into account how many limitations we can come across inworld, such as poses, wardrobe etc. most of the pictures are based on fantasy and imagination. Many people have plenty of resources, but lack the spirit. In this selection, I will try to combine and mix the essence and the resources. I hope you enjoy these pictures. 😝

Fotowettbewerb im Black Heaven

Stunning heel and mouth. Well played. This image has character and some nerve. I also like the details like saliva and the whip.

Huis clos - BDSM Lounge Photo Contest - 1

BDSM is also about fear of the unknown and this picture depicts a tense moment. Shadows help to puzzle the point of view, In general I think there are too much shadows, but it is justa minor detail. The naked man and the breasts and leather mix in this portrait perfectly. There is sex and tension. I love it.

Good Girl

Classical BDSM. There are many pictures with this position, the curved whip and the slave on her knees. What I like about this picture is the color.

{ belonging }

Same concept than before but with different elements that display even more intensity. Hand instead of whip, and it makes it look less aggressive and more casual. Also, the face of the salve looks great, it’s a mix of love and fear. Love for the master an fear waiting to be slapped on the face any time.

BDSM Master &Mistress


Intense picture of male master with all the tools available. The tattoo is also scary because it’s very dark. Not sure how much erotic this picture might look like to different people into BDSM, but I think it’s a nice one.

♬ ...Control me... ♬

The main focus point of this scene is the chain and how the guy is pulling it from the slave neck. The guy is sitting on the girl, holding her with his legs. The shadow of the chain is awesome and increases the reality and brutality of what’s going on in the picture. The shape of the slave breasts and the naked legs add more sensuality because the slave is dressed and the photographer can display all the sexy and erotic naked parts the girl can show. This is, no doubt, one of my favorite Sensual Second Life Images. I love it.

All tied up

One of those personal pictures that I think it’s sexy and turns me on. Why? I don’t know. I’m not a fetishist but the laces and the shadows look great. My only explanation is that the leg position is very common and the environment of the picture makes it more powerful and it helps me mix reality and fantasy.

Great disguise

Another intense and color picture of a mistress, this time. You can see the tools, the chains, the whips etc. Smoking is also seductive and intriguing and, heck, I like the color. The deep red on the mask makes it look more dangerous. Yes, I’d like to be there.


This time is a mistress again, but only the heels. The angle is very good and different. The camera gives you a unique perspective of what’s going on. You know there will be pain and leather. It’s black and white and tense. I love it. Another great Sensual Second Life Image.

BDSM Slave

Heavy Duty

This image is about pain and suffering. It has style and class. Face expression is awesome and I love naked legs because they are super erotic. In this feature all components rock. One of the best Sensual Second Life Images in my opinion. On in the top 10.

Master and Servant

This image is not about pain, this image is about humiliation. The master is humiliating the slave, treating her like a pet, like slut. It’s also more bondage than BDSM, I know. This is one of the pictures that show the evil inside me. I want to be there, behind the slave in real like and play with her like a toy. Another detail that I love, the eyes. You can see she has been struggling because the eyes are black from crying. It’s an old one, so kudos to the artist.

In vain - novaSenz

This picture is about a style. Probably not a very good example of a BDSM slave, but more of a casual player.


This picture is more about master compassion and care, mixed with humiliation. It’s difficult to find a good sensual Second Life image of a male slave that displays a message. I think this one is and that’s why I add it to the list.

Sensual Second Life Images: Solos

This section is about solo pictures of women and men.


Taste me..rate my soul...

I like the unique angle and the feminine curves that are emphasized.

tomorrows of rich surprise...

So much with so little. Stockings and leather boots as apparel, and the left side of the body to make something sensual in Second Life

♥ It's raining sunbeams...

Sometimes it’s not about being naked. What I like about this picture is that you can’t be sure if the girl is dreaming or having an orgasm.

A swim my love?

This is one of those peculiar Second Life Images, a mixture of eroticism and obscenity. Pervs will see it naughty and regular people won’t know what to think. It’s unique, surprising and sends a message, a confusing message, but I enjoy it. ☺

Brooke B&W 002 :)

I like the hair. It’s the hair for a party. Most pictures of naked men or women show casual hair. Being naked with formal hair breaks the rules, the style and makes the picture more interesting.

♪ Built to fall

This time is all about the great ass angle for that picture. It saves it and makes it appealing.

SB VIP Summer Lovin Entry

Interesting picture for a male naked body. The key part is the water level hiding sex and showing all the rest.


What I like about this scene is that blurry effect and the male shape. It’s not a very thin avatar and it is gorgeous. For a naked male, honestly I think it’s a great Second Life Erotic picture.

. . .

Most naked portraits looks distant, like the model has nothing to do with the eye of the beholder. This one breaks those rules and creates a climax for interaction. I think it’s original and sexy and worth it. Good job for the artist.

Solos & Shadows

Sin título

Maybe too much shadow for a good sensual image, but I like how the shadows of the body play with the red hearts.

Sin título

One of the sensual Second Life Images that I love most. The corset plays well and the shadows are excellent. The face look is also plays well in the scene. It’s erotic, it’s a mystery, it looks dangerous and safe at the same time.

Strippers & Sex Work

Sin título Confessions of an Escort bunny hop

Sensual Second Life Images: Couples


...Love Drug... JOY


end of the day touches... Can I have this Dance.

Same Sex

#654 Baja Babe

Sensual Second Life Images: Forbidden

7.15.16@ROMP! Oops I have no choice

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