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V-Twins Biker Outfitters is a store for bikers in Second Life. It was founded in 2007, by two motorcycle enthusiasts who shared a passion for riding and also loved the grid. As motorcyclists themselves, the owners recognized a need for realistic and high-quality clothing and accessories. When they couldn’t find what they were looking for, they took matters into their own hands.

What started as a small side business with just a few premium items quickly grew into the massive storefront. Today, V-Twins offers an extensive range of items, including lingerie, Gothic apparel and more.

V-Twins is proud to be the premiere provider for motorcycle riders in Second Life. They are committed to providing high-quality clothing and accessories that look and feel like the real thing. Whether you are a casual rider or a hardcore biker, you will love the realistic items and premium quality offered.

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Chaplin Tomorrow

Hya! Thanks for your Interest in V-Twins. My name is Chaplin Tomorrow and I’m the CEO of the Store Inworld.

V-Twins was founded in 2007 by Amigo Uriza and & Miley Chaplin

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