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4 Annoying Second Life Glitches From the Past

There have been a few popular Second Life glitches. The epic ones used to happen during the first years and some of them lasted a few years. In this article, I will review 4 of these bugs that were sadly common in the first years. If I recall correctly, some of them still happened to me during 2011.

Second Life Glitch: The Bush is in the Crotch

This is the first of the Second Life glitches and used to happen after teleporting and landing. You were waiting while the world was rezzing, but something in your avatar was missing or not loading. After a few more seconds, you realized that your avatar was bald.

Then you used to go to your inventory to rezz the hair and “Oh Surprise” your hair was worn in the skull, but you were still bald. No hair, nada !! After a few minutes walking or flying you would normally see something weird around your pelvis, like a bush or a blog. Bingo! You had just found your hair.

It was one of those annoying Second Life glitches that used to happen like once every two or three days and I never knew what could cause it. In theory, everybody was seeing you normal with your hair on. Everybody, but you of course.

Second Life Glitches: Hair in Crotch

Second Life Glitch: Get your Head Out of your Ass

These is one of those Second Life glitches from the past that were weird. If I remember correctly, it was a bug of Second Life with your graphic card. This issue could appear anytime, anywhere and the animations were involved too.

You were walking normally in the region, then you stopped. Automatically the upper side of your body (from belt to head) bent down like clamshell. It looked like you had your head in in your butt. If you would start walking, the animation would work as expected, until you stopped. While you were standing up, you were like an avatar with no upper body. The outcome of a magic trick, where you were cut in 2 pieces.

The only way to fix this problem was restarting the viewer. As I said it used to happen with NVIDIA cards only. I apologize for not being able to

Second Life Glitch: Just Leave me Somewhere

Another of those Second Life glitches that took a long time to almost get fixed were teleport failures. For the last 9 years, I have to admit that most of teleports have been a success. However, when I first joined Second Life, teleports failures were a very common thing.

One of those glitches had to do with landing. Sometimes your avatar couldn’t be placed on the region or the coordinates didn’t match. In those cases, your avatar used to land in the 0 position. This means coordinates <0,0,0>. Yes in the corner of the region, normally under water and completely immobile. You were there, stuck like a ghost. When it comes to ghosts, there is nothing like the final glitch.

The Ghost in the Machine

These was a rare one and it had normally to do with a poor internet connection. Imagine you and a friend were talking or doing something in a region. Your friend says tells you it’s late, he or she has to go. After logging off you can read the message: “Avatar X logged off”.

You keep doing your things in the region, your turn around and there it is, your friend’s avatar is still there standing up, or sitting. It’s a like a ghost of him or her. If your friend had an AO, the avatar would move the same way. It was the most puzzling of those Second Life glitches from the past. You didn’t know if your friend was on or off.

The first time it happened to me I freaked out. I thought my friend was fooling me, but it was Second Life fooling me instead. You only had to send an IM to your friend and the ghost would disappear. Again with the message: “Avatar X logged off”. It

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