25 virgin avatars in Second life

Linden Reunites the 25 Virgin Avatars Left in Second Life

A few days ago, Linden searched on the database to find out how many virgin avatars were left with payment info on file. The result was 25 virgin avatars. “At first, we thought .. really? So many?”. – A linden employee stated. “We took the files to an auditing firm, which that gave their approval”.

Everybody knows them as the Oceans’ 25, though they founded a Second Life group called: “The Cobweb Society”. We were already surprised by their high number when a “hold my beer” moment appeared from nowhere. They were all gothic emos, which, if you think about it, makes sense.

Names will remain hidden for safety reasons. We don’t want to start a virgin hunt.

The Unity Project: Phase I
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