Hi Guys! and girls !! Amigo here.
It’s been a blast, but it’s time to end my Second Life Aventure. I’ve been here since 2006, but Real Life, bills and other issues finally trapped me in 2019. It’s been a hell of a trip, but after 13 years inworld I have to say “Enough”.

I have a lot of things going on in real life: a new job ( more demanding that what I thought ) and also life changes that I must deal with. That’s why I decided to give up on Second Life® and V-Twins and continue my life leaving those behind.

I will still be around; logging in from time to time to say hi to friends.

Amigo Leaves but V-Twins Stays

That’s right! Chaplin Tomorrow will handle and manage what’s left of the Store and customers and items on daily basis. He is opening his own store (flying solo) and keeping the last items of V-Twins in his store.

Thanks to him, V-Twins will still have a store and presence in Second Life. Chaplin and Sun will continue the adventure, me (Amigo) and Miley started on January the 1st 2007.

Let’s be clear: Amigo Leaves, but V-Twins stays. I will not design anymore for V-Twins. Chaplin will continue to release collections from time to time and I will assist him if something is urgent and necessary.

This is the new Landmark for the store:

You can also shop on the marketplace here: V-Twins Marketplace

V-Twins New Price Policy

The prices on V-Twins will stay this way:

Vintage Store: L$69
Individual items: L$99
Standard Collections: L$125

The Following Collections will cost: L$245

High Roller

Final Thoughts

In 2006 I logged in Second Life for the first time. Here I made good friends. It would be unfair to forget some of you, but I would like to mention Miley, Chaplin, Samson, Rhy & all the V-Twins Staff. Thanks for the good times and the memories.

I would also like to thank to all the great customers we had over the years that made V-Twins possible. As Miley used to say, “when the dream dies, so does the dreamer“.