Slutty Avatar in Second Life

Linden’s New Avatar in the Library: Slutty Avatar

Linden has presented a new avatar for the library: the slutty avatar. This time, the avatar comes with new and exciting benefits. Thanks to a new upgrade from the Second Life engineering team, residents will be able to get a sex bot. This sex bot will be designed to trigger the slutty avatar inside the resident’s mind. Available for premium users, of course.

This new awareness is part of the improvements for 2020. it is part of an old project suggested by the M Linden era called: “Sex Toys are Us”. The project was halted before moving to the new adult continent. When the adult hassle was over, nobody dared to continue with the project for sanity reasons.

A linden source confirmed that It was not until last Christmas Party at the Office that a few papers got misplaced, the idea reappeared. Booze did the rest. “When you spend more than 4000 hours with the most brilliant minds in a project, even if it is the wrong project … There is no turning back.” Ebbe (current CEO) has declined to comment about this new feature.

Whenever a new resident registers on Second Life, they will be given the option to pick up a slutty avatar and coupon to redeem the sex toy on the marketplace for premium users. Inworld Stores will also be available in a few weeks, when they story is no longer embarrassing for the company.

Any sex bot (or Sex Doll) will be aware that belongs to a higher entity called idiot, human being. This skill can’t be referred as a new form of artificial intelligence, cause the Lindens made it. ” Basically it’s just foreplay”, our source commented.

Future updates will include sexual interaction with Alexa and connectivity to several porn pages on the Internet. On the downside, the sex bot will rezz on the adult continent and won’t be able to leave.

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