My alt is more popular

Why My Alt is More Popular Than Me ?

Have you ever wondered “why my alt is more popular” in Second Life? and why my alt has more friends than the other account I spent so much money with? If that’s not your case Ok, then you can stop reading or you can lie to yourself and keep reading.

I have met many people over the years in Second Life and you can be sure everybody has an alt. Well, I dare saying I have only met their alts inworld.

Treat Your Main Account with Care

Many residents tend to be careful with the main account. That account is usually the first one they created. It’s also common that they try to make a double of their own with that avatar. Like an extension from themselves, like a real brother or sister.

Many residents verify that account and use it to buy Lindens and put money in the grid. Therefore, it’s more unlikely that you game or try to do something stupid with your first persona. Your main account will always behave or, you will behave.

It’s also common that you keep your main account’s inventory well organized and clean. Ok, I can admit that’s a rumor, hey .. but you almost believed it.

Treat your Alt Like a Bitch

Your alt is more popular because you treat him or her like a bitch. Your alt is your little slut, your playground, your no limits behavior, your “no boundaries” zone.

Even you create your first persona there is something linked to your real life: your messages, your memories. It’s always something intimately related to your passion. Your alt, on the other hand, has nothing of you . Maybe there is nothing of you that you want to see there.

My Alt Becomes More Popular …

You can’t see how that happened, but your alt has more groups, buys more clothes for testing purposes and engages more group conversations. One day you realize your alt is living in your main account’s land.

Your alt says Hi more often and eventually has more friends. And your friends pretend you are talking to their main account, while in fact you and your friends are using alts in Second Life. You don’t know your best friend main persona, not they know you.

Who would have wondered that Second Life could become your “Alt Life”. Your are all alts, we are … Lindens are alts, and my alt is more popular than myself.

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April 11, 2023 7:17 am

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