Greetings Everybody.

It’s a sad decision, but Chaplin and me have decided to do major changes to the V-Twins Business in Second life®.

It’s no secret that retail stores are struggling to survive in the grid and V-Twins is not an exception. For the last years we have been able to adapt, but the major changes Lindend made in summer were a no turning point.

upcoming steps

December 1st we will be moving Gothic Store to a new small location

December 1st we will close the sponsorship program

December 3rd. We will be closing Metabloggers Project

December 3rd we will be closing the Blogger program on Blogotex

December the 7th Last Party at V-Twins Main Store with Samson Tiki

December 8th we will be closing the Outlet Store ( old collections will be no longer for sale)

December 10th we will be leaving our main region Bonaire Island. A new store might be ready or not.

December 16th we will have a new small location available and new price policy updated.