Advice Renting Land Second Life

Advice Before Renting Land in Second Life

I’m writing this article to advice those people renting land in Second Life, specially if they want to rent in a private estate. Let me first tell you that renting in a private estate is a good idea for different reasons.

First of all you don’t need to be premium. That will save you a few bucks every month. Second, you can have a good deal if the Land Owner is an old resident with good land. For example, someone who cared to have to best land deals with grandfathered regions.

So, we’d better stay focused on advice for renting private land in Second Life.

Good Land Descriptions (Best advice before renting)

Someone who cares about the Land Business in Second Life will have detailed and specific instructions in the land description. Things that are worth checking and comparing:

  • Weekly Price
  • Prims Available for the Land
  • Square Meters
  • Type of Land: Residential, Commercial
  • Sim Rating: General, Mature or Adult

If none of this info is easy to find, be suspicious and try to gather more info. Well not really. Just stay away from that land.

Available Land for Sale in the Region

Too many plots of land empty in the same region is a concern. If the region is not profitable, it’s possible that the Estate Owner gives up and return it to Linden. This is something many people have suffered in the past. The land owner will probably ask you to relocate in another region. He might even give you discount or rebate, but you will be evicted from you land.

If that’s the case, who knows where you end up living ?

Actual Neighbours

Check your neighbours and what they are doing. First of all, check their land for skyboxes and platforms. If your neighbour uses bots or breadables, try to stay as far away as possible from that land. Check that the covenant allows those actions. If they are ignoring the rules with the land owner blessing, run from that Estate. Unless, of course, you plan to breed and have bot parties in your land.

Read the Covenant

I’ts important to read the covenant for any stupid or annoying rules that could be enforced. Check whether other residents are following the covenant guidelines. If they are breaking the rules, it’s a bad sign. An Estate that do not enforce rules, it means they need money urgently.

Final Advice on Renting Land in Second Life

Be aware that it’s not your land and it will never be. Private Estate land always belong to the Estate Owner. He can do whatever he wants with the land you are renting to use. Most land owners are, in fact, great people, gentle and attentive. Some are not, don’t learn it the hard way, be smart.

There is always a trust issue before renting private land in Second Life. Unfortunately, this is how Linden made the system work.

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