Avatar Develops Mid-Life Crisis, Purchase Full Region to Drive His 400 Cars

Brent had been a Second Life resident for over a decade. He’d built up a reputation as one of the most successful virtual entrepreneurs on the platform, but something was missing. As he hit his mid-life crisis, he realized that he needed a change.

One day, while browsing the Second Life real estate listings, he stumbled across an entire region for sale. Without thinking twice, he made the purchase, pouring all of his savings into the virtual property.

But that wasn’t enough. Brent needed something more tangible to fill the void in his life. So, he went out and bought himself a sports car. It was a virtual replica of a classic 24 Le Mans car, complete with racing stripes and a powerful engine.

For a while, Brent felt like he was on top of the world. He’d achieved everything he’d ever wanted in Second Life. But as time went on, he realized that the car and the region weren’t enough. He was still missing something, and he didn’t know what.

One day, while driving his virtual Le Mans around the region, Brent noticed a group of new players struggling to get started. He banned them all, sent and abuse report and bought 399 more cars to juice the server with heavy scripts and big land impact. Finally, he bought a female mesh body, head etc and became a drama queen In-World.

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